Mega Man Online is coming… to Japan

Mega Man’s had a lot on his plate recently; fresh off the release of 8-bit throwback Mega Man 10 we’ve heard rumblings of both Mega Man Universe and Mega Man Online, which could potentially be the same game or two new entries to the series.

Now Capcom have revealed Rockman Online for Japan. If you’re wondering why I mention that, it’s because Rockman is the name given to the blue bomber in the land of the rising sun (yeah, I like Mega Man better too). Calling it a reveal is a bit of a stretch seeing as we still don’t know much about the title, or if it will even reach our lands, but it’s reportedly a 3D side-scrolling action RPG for the PC. Capcom also promise a perpetual growth system and varied stages to play. Great!

Both X and Zero versions of Mega Man are going to be playable, and there’s a host of other original characters confirmed as NPCs. There’s some snazzy artwork too, not that it reveals anything about the game.

Will we see this in the shape of Mega Man Online/Universe? E3 would be a real nice time to reveal this long rumored game.