OnLive to hit the UK at the end of 2011

OnLive launches later this month in the US, armed with the support of EA, Ubisoft, and more along with 20 games to boot, including recent games like Metro 2033 and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. With the momentum building quickly for this new service, surely plans to bring it to the UK are being hurried along.

Well not quite; it seems OnLive won’t be released (exclusively under BT) until the end of 2011. A BT spokesperson has revealed that, “We’ll announce further details about our launch plans later this year, but we would hope to make it available by the end of 2011.”

Quite a wait then, and I’ll have probably played The Forgotten Sands by the time it launches over here.

Guess I’ll have to get my gaming from non-cloud-based distribution for now. Damn.