Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions takes us to 2099

It was a no-brainer that the 2099 Universe would make it into Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions; the comic was the most popular among Marvel’s 2099 line-up when it launched way back in 1992. Since then he’s been seen in numerous books, and is probably the most popular alternate universe Spidey outside of Ultimate Spider-Man, but he’s already had a game.

And so here he is in screenshot form, a little before the E3 blowout, no doubt. We may have a new universe, but with it comes a bunch of questions; what villains will he face? How will his gameplay differ from the Amazing and Noir universes?

As a long time Spidey-fan, you can place my bet for Vulture 2099 showing up. He ate people though… might be a bit of an issue if Activision want kids to play the game.

Check out a few more shots of the new Spidey below.