The MMO Round-up / June 06

The MMO Round-up captures the genre’s most notable happenings of the week in easy to consume, bite-sized portions.

There are rumors floating about that suggest Crytek is working on an MMO possibly called Kingdoms.

Lord of the Rings Online is going free-to-play this fall with the beta starting on June 16.

Weapon skills have been previewed for the June update coming to Final Fantasy XI.

An oversight in EVE Online’s Tyrannis launch has left the game’s starbase market in disarray.

The first developer diary video for City of Heroes: Going Rogue was released this week.

Star Wars Galaxies and The Old Republic not enough for you? Maybe try out Clone Wars Adventures, although it seems to be aimed at our younger gamers.

True Games and Petroglyph settled their legal differences and set a release date for Mytheon.

Tired of looking stupid? Well, cosmetic armor and more is coming to Warhammer Online.

Free is good and Adventurine is offering up a free 14-day trial for it’s Darkfall.

Fast travel and other updates have been pushed to Fallen Earth’s public test servers.

ArenaNet revealed that you’ll be able to see the first hands on demo of Guild Wars 2 at this year’s San Diego Comic-Com, Gamescom in Germany and PAX Prime in Seattle.

Neo Steam celebrates one year of existence in the ever crowding MMO space.

Global Agenda’s update Standstorm Phase 2 went live this past Thursday, check out the full patch notes.

Haven’t had enough of those Brandon Frasier movies? Then The Mummy MMO that was announced this week might be for you.

The Season One: Update 2 for Star Trek Online was released this week.

The expansion Rise of the Guilds for Heroes of Gaia went live this week.

Tera released some more gorgeous screenshots for us to ogle over.

Fan loved Matt Boudreaux moved from Star Wars: Galaxies to Star Wars: The Old Republic.