Lionhead introduces the Captain, explains why less is more

Lionhead has released a single new screenshot from Fable III through their Facebook presence, introducing a new character; the Captain.

Apparently a bit of a smokaholic, the lad whose name shall remain a mystery is described as “a pretty angry man”. I’m not quite sure what importance his wet boots hold, but he’s said to have them.

I’m also not clear on how Peter Molyneux’s philosophies on game design fit in here, but we’ll make the switch anyway.

Talking to Gamasutra, the Lionhead creative lead explained how moving away from the previous games’ more complex nature has in fact added to the gameplay of Fable III.

“Taking a lot away from Fable III actually adds a lot to it,” he says. “We unified that combat system and actually made it much more accessible for the more casual side of Fable III players, and made it much more interesting for the core players because they could start combining magic together and switching between guns and swords, because they were the same.”

“That meant that, even though it was simpler, it was actually more complex and sophisticated.”