Square Enix and Kojima working on new project

Square Enix producer Shinji Hashimoto and giant Hideo Kojima – he’s quite tall too – have both been teasing on their respective Twitter accounts about a new project they will be working on together, as if Kojima didn’t have his right and left hands full already.

Hashimoto tweeted, “a new promotion with Hideo Kojima is set. Details will be shared at a later date,” while Kojima wrote, “a new collaboration with Mr. Hashimoto from Square Enix.”

Solid info about said project is yet to surface, but both Hashimoto and Kojima made reference to the picture below, which besides Hashimoto (center), Kojima (right) and art director of the Metal Gear franchise Yoji Shinkawa (left), includes a TV monitor displaying the Front Mission Evolved logo. Therefore, the internet, being what it is, would have us believe that it might be related to that somehow, but we’re taking no rumors for granted.