Xbox 360 enjoys its highest attach rate in the UK

The Xbox 360 has enjoyed a comfortable ride since launching way back in 2005, with consistently strong sales throughout its life. The system has even managed to crack Europe, a surprising feet considering the PlayStation brand’s dominance over the past decade and a bit.

Nowhere is the 360’s success more apparent than the UK though, Chris Lewis has told MCV. The Microsoft VP of interactive entertainment business for EMEA revealed: “We don’t break out figures by country, but the UK continues to be a very strong market for us with the highest attach rate in the world. In the face of price drops, new form factors and massive marketing expenditure by the competition, Xbox 360 still grew full-year market share in EMEA from 2008 to 2009.”

And it’s full steam ahead for Microsoft’s box. “In November, we also celebrated selling 10 million consoles into customers’ homes in EMEA. Our games attach rate remains the highest in the industry, by an increasing margin, which makes us both an enviable platform and a great partner for publishers and retailers alike.”