Kazuma returns to the West next year in Yakuza 4

Amazingly it’s only been about six months since I wrote about Yakuza 3 finally coming to the West, and now I’m already writing about Yakuza 4 doing the very same. Yes, encouraging sales have obviously helped push SEGA into bringing the next installment in the PS3 exclusive franchise over to our neck of the woods.

Yakuza 4 keeps the series’ protagonist, Kazuma Kiryu, and adds three new people into the mix for four different stories that all weave together. You’ll still take to the streets of Hong Kong and deal swift justice with your fists, but there’ll be a host of new minigames for experienced players to enjoy too.

Japan ate this one up when it released a few months back, gathering high review scores and sales, so we’re once again excited. It hits in Spring 2011 (maybe 2 Yakuza games in a year is a little much), and now we’re just hoping Yakuza PSP makes its way over too.

Enjoy a few more screens below.