Max Payne 3 release pushed back (again)

Remember when Max Payne 3 was coming out Christmas last year? That didn’t happen, and it still isn’t going to be launching anytime soon. Publisher Take-Two’s second quarter fiscal 2010 financial results (quite a mouthful, that) confirm today that the title has been pushed outside of a fiscal 2010 release.

That means we won’t be seeing ol’ Max until November 1st at the very earliest. Seeing as I’ll be doing nothing but sitting around, eating biscuits while I wait for this one, I’ll probably be the spitting image of the titular character by the time it finally rolls around.

On a lighter note, two other titles under the Take-Two banner, L.A. Noire and Sid Meier’s Civilization V are still on for a release in this time frame. Mafia II is also still on track for its August release, with a demo.