EA boss stresses caution in 3D game making

EA CEO John Riccitiello is looking forward to the future of 3D gaming, saying that the strongest publishers will produce “some great content;” but not this year. While he has played a “definitely unbelievably cool” 3D title slated for fiscal 2012, he cautions game makers from putting out “poorly authored content” just to get it out there.

“I’m actually a little afraid this year that we’re going to get less than well-authored content and it’s going to be one of those stories: video games give me a migraine,” says Riccitiello.

The EA boss continues by saying it doesn’t take much to redraw the whole frame, separated by two and a half inches, and run it through the system to make it 3D, but it’s a different thing to make the third dimension appear really well done. “When it’s not really well done, it’s a new kind of headache that you haven’t ever experienced.”

Expect to see a whole bunch of 3D gaming on display at this year’s E3. Also, expect pretty much no one to take Riccitiello’s advice, so those early adopters best stock up on some aspirin.