First MAG PDLC brings new maps, game mode

MAG players are in for more downloadable content later this month, of the paid kind.

Attached to a $9.99 price tag is a new “Interdiction” game mode (also the name of the DLC itself), three new 128-player maps (Lake Bayano Spur, Sovot Motorway, Iron Cree Quarry), the Heavy Improved armor set, plus in-game medals, ribbons and trophies.

According to developer Zipper Interactive’s senior community manager Jeremy Dunham, who took to the official PlayStation blog to announce the news, the new mode is “crazy battlefield mayhem”.

Here’s what led the man to such a conclusion: “Interdiction challenges two rival factions to be attackers and seize control of three command posts with the aid of several heavily-armed convoys on three brand new maps. To make it even more interesting, we’ve made all three maps completely faction neutral – allowing all sides to play any map whenever they want – in addition to supplying every squad with their own APC vehicle (that’s 16 APCs on the map at once!).”

“To win, players must capture and hold as many objectives as possible to increase their score while concurrently depleting their enemy’s. In short, Interdiction mode = crazy battlefield mayhem.”

The content’s out on PSN starting June 22. Find a trailer detailing the new mode below.