New XCOM, Spec Ops officially 2011 titles

Those hoping to play 2K’s reimagined take on XCOM this year, stop. Publisher Take-Two’s E3 line-up, released today, has the 2K Marin/Australia co-developed title scheduled firmly for a 2011 release.

Same goes for another name the company’s looking to turn into a biggie (their “next big shooter,” they call it), Spec Ops: The Line. The Dubai-bound TPS was initially expected during the company’s fiscal year 2011, which begins in November of this year, but today’s news makes it clear it has no chance for a holiday release; it too is slated for ‘2011’.

L.A. Noire, Civilization V and Mafia II are all still very much 2010 releases though, as reported yesterday when Max Payne 3 slipped (again).