PS3 goes 3D tomorrow

It’s almost time; got your 3D TV, glasses, and PS3 ready? What’s that? You’re not a millionaire? Well then maybe the PS3’s 3D update tomorrow will be relevant to you in a few years.

For all three of you that do have 3D TVs however, you’ll be happy to know that you can wake up tomorrow, flick on your PS3, update it to firmware 452.4344 and hey presto, your games will start jumping out at you! That is of course if those games are WipeOut HD, Super Stardust HD, Pain, or a demo for MotorStorm: Pacific Rift.

Sony is clearly going all out on the 3D promotion, no doubt hoping that gamers will be well equipped by the time bigger titles like Killzone 3 arrive in eye-popping goodness.

It remains to be seen if we’ll embrace the 3D market or Sony can file this one next to the PSPGo.