Just Cause developer takes on a licensed project

Avalanche Studios has begun work on a licensed action title, co-founder Christofer Sundberg has revealed. The game is said to take a more “controlled” approach than the free-roaming blow-up-everything mayhems the Swedish studio is known for, and aims to convey “a strong storyline”; also something the Just Cause franchise hasn’t exactly shined at.

“We’ll never leave our big game worlds and spectacular explosive action, though,” Sundberg tells CVG.

“After working on original IPs for seven years we wanted to try a licence, but there’s only been a few that we’ve felt was 100 per cent right for the studio. This one is perfect!”

This may well be the “big new project” he mentioned earlier in the year then.

The studio’s also known to be working on the browser-based The Hunter and at some point in the future quite possibly Just Cause 3.