Metal Gear Solid Rising gets new boxart on XBL

Boxart, woo. Not really, unless of course that boxart is the first bit of info you’ve heard about a game for a whole year now. This is the case with Metal Gear Solid Rising, a game that’s been under lock and key ever since an incredibly unrevealing E3 trailer last year.

So we don’t just have an image of Raiden to speculate on, now we have two, the latest one replacing the old MGR artwork on XBL. This one sees the robo-ninja with his back turned, standing over a sliced up Metal Gear, the model from 4 it would seem. Slung round his back is what looks likeĀ a massive electrical rail gun thingie, with sword in one hand, and another weird electrical thingie in the other.

Undoubtedly dropped just before E3 on purpose, this new image will be more than enough to get fans yapping all over again before a (hopeful) reveal next week.

Sheesh, they just pushed Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker out the door, doesn’t Kojima slow down?