Natal ‘very exciting’ for Tim Schafer

Monkey Island and Brütal Legend man Tim Schafer is terribly excited for Microsoft’s upcoming controller-less motion controller, he’s told Develop Magazine. Not usually one to get swept away by new peripherals before they’re released, Schafer sees Project Natal as something that could possibly open the market to a new audience entirely.

In his own words: “I am usually more excited by creative ideas on the design side, and when it comes to tech like new controllers I take more of a ‘wait and see’ approach. Except I am very excited about Natal. I think if Natal is a success, it could up open up video games to a whole new market.”

Ever the joker, “and possibly cause me to lose 30 pounds,” he adds.

Microsoft is holding its Natal-only, probably make or break, press gathering this Sunday, June 13.