Rock Band 3 teaches how to play music, for real

Harmonix has revealed a few new details about Rock Band 3, including its new additions the keyboard and a new Pro mode which allows players to actually learn how to play an instrument.

The game’s standard keyboard controller will be a 25-key MIDI keyboard which doubles as a playable instrument in the new Pro music leaning mode. For the same mode, guitar manufacturer Fender is creating an actual stringed guitar. Harmonix communications manager John Drake explains: “It can tell where your fingers are based on technology in the neck and the bridge of the guitar. No buttons. While you’re playing it, it feels exactly like playing a real guitar.”

According to USA Today who gave the developer a visit, the Pro mode “lets players develop real-world music-playing fundamentals for keyboards, guitars and drums. More realistic music notations replace the standard color-coded notes during gameplay. For guitar, numbers flow down the screen along six guitar strings, telling you where to place your hands on the neck and when to strum”; Dhani Harrison didn’t need a couple years to make it happen then, after all.

Rock Band 3 is expected to arrive later this year.