Valve marks arrival of Team Fortress 2 on Mac with an explosion of cool stuff

It’s all go on the Team Fortress 2 front. A new platform release, a comic, snazzy gifts, an update tease and new modes have all been unveiled today. Let’s have a look at it all, shall we?

Right, biggest thing first; Team Fortress 2 is now available for Mac on Steam. It’s the proper version, featuring the bells and whistles of all 119 updates lavished on the game so far. You can play it cross-platform against PC players too, which is nice.

To accompany the release there’s a nifty new comic on Valve’s site, telling the story of how the alliance between Apple and TF2 came about. It’s pretty good, as you would expect, with a rather nice turn from everyone’s favourite square-jawed man’s-man, Saxton Hale.

Also, as the Apple/Valve love continues, those that play TF2 on Mac before Mon Jun. 14 will get a set of in-game earbuds for their character. Nice white iPod earbuds they are too, of course.

There’s new modes as well, for PC and Mac. Offline Training Mode allows you to brush up on the skills you’ve “let atrophy through the endless chain of poor decisions that you call a life,” and Offline Practice Mode features bots. So you’ll never have to interact with any annoying, fleshy human-types again.

What else is there? Oh yeah, a video with a sneaky update tease! The vid is short, but as always with Valvey-stuff, it’s flippin’ great and funny and wonderful. However, it’s also teasy. Catch it above.

Have another look and you’ll notice that the engineer’s shotgun now has a scope. Sooo, that’s probably part of the big fella’s long-awaited update. You would imagine.

Oh, and it’s free-to-play all weekend. And 50% off if you want to buy it. Seriously, Valve couldn’t make it more attractive if they sprinkled it in free Haribos.

So there ya go, a whole bunch of cool new stuff. It’s almost enough to convince me to get that shiny new Macbook Pro I’ve had my eye on. Almost. Anyone wanna lend me a thousand bucks?