The Witcher developer ‘will do their utmost’ to prevent inclusion of shoddy DRM

Just in case there were any doubts about The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings developer CD Projekt RED’s commitments to hassle-free digital rights management systems, the studio has decided to make public its internal DRM policy — viewable here — and send over further words of reassurance from CEO Adam Kicinski: “Although we are the game’s developer, we obviously won’t be making a unilateral decision on the DRM protection that is applied to The Witcher 2. Nevertheless, our internal rules and guidelines should reassure players. As the game’s developer, we will strive to do everything in accordance with our stated policy.”

The executive added that a decision on The Witcher 2‘s DRM is yet to be made, but that the company “will do [their] utmost to prevent the adopted DRM solution, if any, from making life difficult for those who acquire legal game copies.”

“I can’t imagine using any protection that would deprive game fans of any of the pleasure that will come from playing the game, as has been the case with other notable PC game titles [*cough* *cough*].”