Criterion rebooting Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit?

It’s a known fact that Burnout developer Criterion is working on a Need for Speed game. But since the announcement, supreme secrecy has reigned over the matter. However, checking out the latest episode of GTTV, we noticed something peculiar, something awesomely peculiar for all fans of the franchise.

Right after the 6 minute mark, you’ll see the image depicted above. An F1 McLaren with the Need for Speed logo accompanied by two well-known words within the franchise: Hot Pursuit. Is Criterion working on a reboot of that era? We can’t really know for sure since the images presented on GTTV were only mockups of the EA booth but if this is true, then two things will happen, especially after Criterion started a countdown on their website: someone’s going to get his/her ass kicked around, and racing fans will rejoice.

Rumor for now, but E3 will uncover the truth, count on that.