New Killzone 3 trailer. Now with gameplay!

As E3 draws near, companies have been just pumping out the trailers and dropping the announcements left and right. Kind of leaves one wondering what’s left. Not that it matters when, since new info on games is new info on games. To that end it’s cool to see some actual gameplay of Killzone 3. Overall it’s nothing too shocking. Looks like you’re Sev again, and looks like he will be in a flying transport that gets shot down again, but it has a turret this time. What looks new and neat is, as shown in the teaser clip just a couple weeks ago, the seemingly souped up the hand-to-hand combat mechanics. The trailer shows several different forms of knocking around Helghast as well as the action hero staple: breaking the neck with bare hands. It also shows a glimpse of the jetpack you’ll be able to fly around in, which we also caught a tiny glimpse of recently.

No doubt there’s more that we haven’t seen yet, and hopefully we’ll find out about that next week at E3.

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