Capcom brings the sexy to Dead Rising 2

Well how about that. Capcom has partnered with Playboy to feature the bunnies and the magazine in Dead Rising 2, and below are the first screens.

“Players that discover the Playboy magazine in the game will receive a unique and special upgrade for Chuck Greene,” reads the press release – and no, it won’t make him go blind.

“Furthermore, players will come across Playboy ads and billboards that will feature specially selected issues from the magazine’s 57-year history.” Ads and billboards? Sounds exciting!

Along with the special Playboy issue, there will be a variety of different magazines that will aid in Chuck’s survival of the zombie apocalypse.

“The Sin City-type environment in Dead Rising 2, Fortune City, is a natural playground for the Playboy Bunnies,” says Seon King, Senior Director of Capcom.

“We have integrated the Playboy brand throughout the game in ways that bring even more life to Fortune City and add to the user experience.”

I’m not sure how necessary the inclusion of Playboy is to the overall experience of Dead Rising 2, but I’m sure it will appeal to some fans of the game. Namely, the same fans that enjoyed taking questionable photos of Jesse in the first game.