EA opens Gun Club

Straight out of EA’s E3 press conference comes the announcement of Gun Club, an affinity program rewarding gamers for playing their favorite games. Members will receive benefits ranging from in-game content unlocks, early access to beta tests and demos, as well as the hottest news and exclusive access to development teams.

Gun Club brings together the company’s best games — involving any kind of apparatus that fires some kind of projectile or laser beam at high velocity — including Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Medal of Honor, Dead Space 2. How? For instance, if you purchased Battlefield: Bad Company 2, therefore have a VIP code, and become a member of the Gun Club, you will get early access to the Medal of Honor multiplayer beta that’s supposed to start June 21st. But for you, it’ll start this Thursday, June 17th that is. And you’ll get an full game unlockable weapon too, the M24 sniper rifle.

“This program takes our games from being individual launches to being part of an ecosystem within our portfolio, while showing fans our appreciation for their loyalty. The Gun Club gives us a platform to cross-pollinate our games, dialogue directly with players and add value to the entertainment experience for fans,” says Jeff Karp, Senior VP of Marketing at EA. “Today, we are launching the Gun Club with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Medal of Honor – two of the hottest titles coming out this year… and this is just the beginning.”