ESPN coming to Xbox Live, free for Gold members

ESPN is joining Netflix,, Facebook, Sky and Twitter in the growing list of Xbox Live services.

Announced this morning at the Microsoft E3 presser, ESPN will offer events live and on demand in an “exclusive partnership” with Xbox 360.

The service will provide coverage of NBA and MLB, alongside college football, college basketball, soccer and Sports Center. 3500 on demand programs are promised, mostly in HD. No mention of NFL or NHL though.

There will also be a bunch of social networking kinda stuff too. You can show what team you’re supporting, see how many other Xbox Live users are doing the same and join others in polls, predictions and trivia quizes.

The demo this morning showed the service employing Kinect tech. The presenter was able to pause and rewind the show he was watching using just voice commands.

The ESPN service will be free on Xbox 360 for Gold Members.