Rumor: Retro working on Donkey Kong revival

Retro, the US studio behind the Metroid Prime series, is set to announce a revival of Donkey Kong according to recent rumors written up by IGN. These fresh rumors come just a few days before the Nintendo E3 press conference reveals all tomorrow.

The Nintendo-backed studio has gone on the record before about working on an “exciting” major title following the completion of the Metroid Prime Trilogy last summer, but is yet to give us any clues about what this mystery game actually is.

Despite various recent outings on the Wii, GameCube and the DS, Donkey Kong has not featured a major platforming title since Rare’s Donkey Kong 64 over ten years ago. A serious comeback for our favourite simian is way overdue, so a reboot of the franchise don’t sound entirely unrealistic.

Where IGN heard this rumor is still unclear, but more details should emerge at Nintendo’s E3 press conference at 9am (5pm GMT) tomorrow.