Xbox 360 redesign unveiled, confirms rumours

As suspected, those new Xbox 360 pics have turned out to be on the money. As suspected, it’s damn ugly.

Microsoft’s senior VP of Interactive Entertainment Don Mattrick returned to the E3 stage this morning, concluding a relatively dull presser with a reveal of the re-designed Xbox 360.

To be fair, it looked a little better in the accompanying vid than it did in those stills. But it still looked nasty. Shiny, angular, vented and nasty.

As an actual console, however, it rocks. All the rumored specs were spot-on. Xbox 360 has been crying out for built-in Wi-Fi and a bigger, affordable hard drive for ages. 250 GB as standard is lovely. And at $299 (we’re waiting on the Euro prices), it’s reasonable too. Great stuff.

Mattrick says the new console will ship to retailers today and will be available in stores before the end of the week. Unless you were in the auditorium, in which case they gave away a free one to each of the attendees. Lucky bastards.

There’s some more shots of the console in our gallery below. How do you feel about the new look? Am I being too harsh?