BioWare reveals new The Old Republic “Hope” cinematic

Last night, BioWare revealed a brand new cinematic for Star Wars:The Old Republic as a follow-up to last year’s “Deceived” trailer. Going for a slightly more positive tone this time around, “Hope” features no gameplay, but gives us a glimpse of one of the key story lines we are likely to see in the game.

The trailer is set during the Battle of Alderaan, a key turning point in the battle between the game’s two factions, the Republic and Sith, and places a lot of emphasis on the former’s trooper class – proving that choosing a non-Jedi class won’t place players at a disadvantage to their lightsaber-touting pals.

Bioware points out that the Sith featured in the trailer is Darth Malgus, one of the key leaders of the Sith faction who we are likely to see a lot of/hear a lot about in-game.

The game is due for release in Spring 2011. For gameplay footage, check out the recent Sith Warrior trailer.