Dead Space 2 dated for January

Dead Space 2 has a release date. Or rather, release dates.

The sequel to one of TVGB’s best loved games gets a North American release on Jan. 25 2011, with a European release on Jan. 28 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

During their E3 press event earlier today, EA also showed off demo for the game. It almost disappointed. Almost.

The opening environment, a church, had us worried. Open and relatively clean, it was utterly at odds with the decaying, screaming, claustrophobic space ship Ishimura from the original. Too sanitary, too open. The new, Gollum-like, cherubic Necromorphs didn’t help matters either. Like we said, worried.

Thankfully though, as Isaac wondered deeper and deeper into the church, Dead Space 2 regained its awesome.

The finale was the best bit. While looking out over “The Sprawl” – the game’s necromorph-infested city – Isaac is blinded by light, the windows shattered by some unknown attacker. Scrambling for safety, he rips a metal panel from the disintegrating floor and he throws himself in, falling several feet down and landing with a crunch.

Dazed, he hauls himself up and takes stock of his surroundings. A long dark corridor lays in front of him, the lights flickering ominously. But before Isaac can react he looks up to the hole he has just fallen through, just in time to see a giant, reptilian Necromorph emerge from the darkness, screaming, roaring just feet from his face.

In short, it was bloody brilliant. Do we really have to wait ’till next year!?