New Twisted Metal finally confirmed

Mr. David Jaffe has been leading us on for nearly 2 years now, but he finally got his moment to shine at the end of Sony’s E3 press conference with a demo of Eat, Sleep, Play’s new game. That game, the one we all thought was Twisted Metal, well it’s… Twisted Metal.

Sony was even nice enough to wheel in the game’s star, Sweet Tooth, into the hall as Jaffe walked on stage. He was probably a little distracting to the crowd, who were trying to focus on the manic gameplay demo before them and not the blood drenched clown. A classic deathmatch was first up, showcasing a new map, new vehicles, new kills, even a helicopter! This mode has 16 players online, or 4 player split-screen.

It was when the team switched to the teamwork-focused “Nuke” mode that things really started to heat up though. We saw a nice bit of co-op play which involved sending a rather large missile into a rather large clown structure. Nice. The mode pits two teams against each other just to make things interesting too.

It’s not set to release until 2011, along with a load of other games that Sony showed off at the conference, though.