PlayStation Plus revealed, coming June 29th

The title above implies that a whole new exciting service has been revealed for Sony’s PlayStation 3, but what I really meant was that Qore has changed its name to Playstation Plus. Okay not quite, but it’s true to say we were expecting a bit more from the new service that Sony revealed during their E3 press conference today.

PlayStation Plus launches on June 29th and to be fair it will give its subscribers some kind of cool stuff, like free minis and PSOne Classics or full game trials for games like inFamous that unlock the full game for an hour. Plus there are discounts on selected games like Fat Princess, and early access to demos and betas.

That’s neat and all, and even adds up to good value at $49.99 a year, but we were hoping for something a bit more essential to be thrown into the mix. Plus your access to these games runs out when your subscription goes, which feels a bit cheap. If you’re wanting to test the waters perhaps go for the 90 day subscription at $17.99, unless the limited offer of 3 months free with the year subscription tickles your fancy.

Honestly though, we think we’ll be just fine without this one.