Beast mode for Gears of War 3 revealed, step into the Locust’s shoes

We all enjoy playing as the impossibly muscle-bound heroes of Gears of War, but wouldn’t it be fun to try the other side just for once? Well Gears of War 3‘s new Beast Mode lets you do just that; a new mode where you play as the various different types of Locust, fighting the COGs.

Since the first time I played the Besker battle in the original Gears I’ve always wanted a go at running down Marcus Fenix myself, now┬áI can. Beast mode plays out a lot like Horde mode from Gears 2, only you’re given more than one life seeing as some Locust types tend to blow up in the heat of battle. You battle the COGs, earning tokens that allow you to select new classes like the Besker, the Ticker, or the Cantus.

These classes double up as more traditional roles too; the Cantus can heal/revive the team for example. You’ll have to work to unlock the more exciting classes, but Epic promise you won’t have to strain yourself too much to become a Beserker.

Beast Mode will be on the Gears 3 disc when it ships in April 2011.