Firefight 2.0 in Halo: Reach

Firefight, the game mode first introduced in last year’s Halo 3: ODST, has received a bit of an upgrade; say hello to Firefight 2.0, to be included in this year’s Halo: Reach.

The mode promises to allow players to fully customize each and every game they play online. That’s everything from player customization to weapons, loadouts, maps, game durations and enemy behavior. They can even create their own skull.

There are several ways to play: Default, which is more or less a jump in, shoot stuff and jump out kind of deal, if that’s how you roll. Classic is, well, classic. It’s the same mode included in ODST. Generator Defense, the mode that was available for those 2.7 million gamers that managed to get into the Halo: Reach beta, is now part of Firefight as well. And, you get the new Rocket Fight mode which is exactly what you think it is; armor and rockets. Sorry, still no space combat.

New weapons can be expected as well. The Concussion Rifle that shoots plasma grenades we already know of. Yes, it will be available in Firefight. But one of the biggies is the new Target Locator that will in fact do what its name implies; find the target and once it has, it will bring death from above in the form of an airstrike.

These enhancements are apparently just a few of what the Firefight 2.0 has to offer once Reach hits shelves in September. Expect Bungie to unleash an entire bag of goodies after E3.