Konami bringing us Silent Hill 8

It’s time to jump right back into the twisted world of the Silent Hill series. The franchise returns for Silent Hill 8 (working title), promising a more traditional approach to the series after Silent Hill: Homecoming released to a lukewarm reception.

Every game in the series has seen the main character drawn to the creepy little town for a horrifying trip down memory lane as they confront their (often guilt ridden) past. Normally we start off thinking these characters are good people, so it’s interesting to see that the developers have picked a convicted criminal to pay a visit this time.

Murphy Pendleton is the unfortunate soul we play as, and I think his name is just as unfortunate too. A prison transport vehicle crashes just outside of town, drawing Pendleton into hours of puzzle solving and weird monster mashing that’s sure to have us jumping out of our skin in terror. Worried that this will feature the same kind of mechanics from Homecoming? The press release implies we’ll be getting the old Silent Hill style back, and we’ve missed it so.

Konami are promising a great story line for the 360/PS3 title, and a 2011 launch.