PS3 grabs AC: Brotherhood beta, other exclusives

In addition to the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 being the ‘best version of any console‘ and the system getting exclusive collector’s editions of some mighty big titles from EA, Sony revealed a few other notable third-party exclusives it’s managed to shag during its press gathering yesterday.

The most notable is an exclusive beta for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, this year’s multiplayer-equipped entry into the Ubisoft franchise. No dates or further details were announced but owning a PS3 is indeed the only way to get an early glimpse at the online portion of Ezio’s next.

In addition, Brotherhood will get an exclusive day one mission pack on the PS3 and PS3 alone. No further details here either though.

And, another little bonus for PS3 owners who also happen to be looking forward to 2K’s Mafia II is knowledge of several hours worth of exclusive content. Additional missions, weapons and the sort will be available as the game launches this August.