THQ: Space Marine to be the “Gears of War-killer”

We love short, bold statements, especially when they tickle you inside a little bit, like when Nintendo’s Reggie said that The Conduit would “win over the Halo audience.” We think of that as a short, bold statement, because it made us tickle inside.

Next up is THQ core games VP Danny Bilson who said today at an analysts meeting that the upcoming Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine will be their “Gears of War-killer.”

“This is what I like to call our Gears of War-killer; I think it’s absolutely phenomenal.”

Bilson said that “this is one of the best looking games on the floor,” adding that the game is planned for a full “build” reveal at GamesCom later this year.

Now, this was a short, bold statement given the monstrous popularity of the Gears of War franchise, but it did not tickle us inside. Will it actually be that good? Why don’t you check out the E3 trailer of the game, and the bloody images.