Dead Rising 2’s Case Zero prequel trailered

Is anyone out there (other than myself) still enamored by idea of the flesh-eating undead despite their recent and explosive over-saturation in videogames and movies? If you answered “yes” (or alternatively “braaains”) to that question, then this trailer just might be for you.

In preparation for upcoming zombie murder simulator Dead Rising 2, developer Blue Castle Games (in partnership with Capcom) is releasing a prequel DLC titled Dead Rising 2: Case Zero, set two years after the events of the first game and featuring Dead Rising 2 protagonist Chuck Greene as he slices, dices and guns his way through hordes of the infected in an overrun desert town.

In the trailer we discover that Mr. Greene is a family man (and also an idiot. Who leaves their truck running in the middle of a zombie apocalypse? Rookie.) whose daughter just happens to be infected by the deadly zombie virus. After losing his wheels and becoming quickly surrounded by the shambling undead, Greene retreats to the safety of a gas station, daughter in tow. The trailer is particularly interesting, because although it attempts to set the dourest of tones, I was never once able to take it as seriously as it apparently wanted me to, because after all, this is Dead Rising we’re talking about, that franchise that lets you kill zombies via lawn mowers and shower heads.

Still, if this looks like it’s headed right up your dark, threatening alley, you’ll be able to check out the DLC shortly before the full game hits on August 31st.