Forza Motorsport going for Kinect

With Kinect prepping for a November launch, you just know Microsoft’s premium racing franchise is going to be supported at some point. And so it will.

An on-stage demo (in full below) announced the news during Microsoft’s E3 media briefing on Monday, and gave two somewhat polarizing examples of how motion controls will be used in the racer.

The first demo had the player tasked with steering only; the breaking and acceleration was done automatically. The goal: leave behind as many less powerful cars as you can in the time allotted. A nice, casual affair, we reckon.

The second demo however took a step in the other direction. The awkward one.

Ditching the camera-controlling analog stick in favor of the human body, a showroom-type mode allowed the demoer to admire a vehicle and its details from all angles by literally stepping/leaning/crouching in front of the telly. Strange.

Whether what was shown is Forza 3 with added Kinect support or Forza 4 was left unclear though, as nothing on the subject was mentioned. However, for a while there Xbox’s E3 press site showed the screenshots below as taken from “Forza 4” before switching to “Forza Motorsport Preview”. Might’ve been a mistake though.

Whatever it is, it’s coming sometime in 2011.