Ghost Recon: Future Soldier E3 demo is sneaky, shooty, grey

Here’s that Ghost Recon Future Soldier trailer and demo from Ubisoft’s E3 presser on Monday. Good innit? The demo, we mean, not the trailer. The trailer is crap-tastic.

Highlights. Around the 5:40 mark when demo-dude and Producer Adrian Lacey sneaks up behind the gunner, takes him out, then props him up as the other guard strolls by. It’s a nice moment, made even better by McHale’s quip, “that guy is not paying good enough attention. His friend has a huge hole in his face right now.” S’funny.

7:35-ish too, where the squad get their man via a perfectly orchestrated maneuver. Ace!

Future Soldier is out early 2011.