Kinect price announcement no later than GamesCom

If there’s one thing Microsoft’s E3 press conference on Monday lacked, it was the announcement of a key detail about the newly-named Kinect; while the motion device was dated for early November, the price point went unmentioned.

An error soon to be fixed, however.

According to Oliver Kaltner, country manager for Microsoft’s entertainment & devices division in Germany, that announcement will come no later than Gamescom later in the summer. “In eight weeks we are at gamescom and we will know the price not later than that, because we will start to sell [to retail],” he’s told

Microsoft will also have more to show, he adds, “I am very proud to say that Microsoft as a corporation did understand how important gamescom is. We will have a much bigger and more spectacular appearance at gamescom this year than we did last year. We have invested well — and because we did not unveil everything on E3 we will have also for gamescom a lot of fresh information.”

Gamescom 2010 is held this August, from the 18th to the 22nd.