Kinect pricing ‘not yet determined’

Earlier today it seemed as though a number of retailers had a pretty good idea of what Kinect will be priced at; Amazon, GameStop, Walmart and Best Buy are all listing it for $150.

But maybe not.

Microsoft man Aaron Greenberg has informed via Twitter that the final price for the motion device is in fact not yet determined. Says the Xbox product director: “No Kinect price announced yet, retail price estimates are purely speculative, final price & pack-in details are not yet determined.”

Adding to the hopes of a lower price point is Microsoft Game Studios’ corporate vice president Phil Spencer who, while chatting with IGN, said Kinect is a broad, consumer part of their platform and one that will be priced “appropriately.”

“Hitting a consumer price point that’s very accessible is fundamental to our strategy,” he said. “So people should expect that is where we’ll target.”

Kinect is out this November.