Mario Sports Mix gets trailered

Unveiled at Nintendo’s E3 keynote on Tuesday, Nintendo’s attempt at splicing Wii Sports, Mario Strikers/Tennis and Mario Party – suitably named Mario Sports Mix – has now received its own trailer.

In short, it’s much of what you would expect from a Mario title – mushrooms, epic special moves and a vibrant presentation style. The trailer shows off some gameplay, confirming that the events in Mario Sports Mix are actually fully-fledged sports games, rather than following the brief mini-game format seen in both Mario Party and Wii Sports.

In true Mario style, the trailer reveals some of the bizarre power-ups for players to use to gain an advantage over their opponents – koopa shells, coins and bombs all make their appearance in the footage shown.

Though produced by Nintendo, the development studio behind the game is actually Square Enix. With this in mind, IGN suggests that it wouldn’t be a surprise to see some notable Square Enix characters creeping into the game’s final line-up.

No definite release date has been announced, but be sure to expect it in 2011.