Rare: Kinect lag “not an issue”

Whatever lag Kinect may have is negligible enough not to be a concern; that’s according to Microsoft-owned Rare’s executive producer of technology and communications Nick Burton who says that the lag for the developer’s Kinect Sports — one of the motion device’s big launch titles in November — is set at 150ms (plus TV lag), a figure that is “not at all” an issue.

“Lag is not an issue. As with any prototype stuff, of course it was in the past. That’s to be expected. Where we’re at now, not at all,” he’s told Eurogamer.

“Yes, we’ve done a lot work to make sure it wasn’t a problem, but when you’ve got something that’s copying what you’re doing you can’t have a lot of lag.”

Even though Burton places Kinect Sports above and beyond what Nintendo did with Wii Sports, it’s still very much a casual offering. Is this what Rare’s future holds then?

“We are continually looking at what the next thing’s going to be. It might be casual, it might be core, we’ve had such an eclectic mix over the years and we’ll continue to do that.”

“It’s not always going to be as casual as [Kinect Sports]; this is just something we got really excited about.”

He adds: “There’s so much more data, so much more fidelity, so many more things you can do. Kinect’s not just about tracking – there’s voice recognition, identity, so many things. It’s more than the sum of its parts. I’ve been involved for a couple of years and even now we’re like, ‘Wow, there’s all these things we could do!'”