Naughty Bear multiplayer details

Some details pertaining to the upcoming 505 Games joint, Naughty Bear, have arrived. Specifically, the game’s four multiplayer modes have been revealed, and will feel mighty familiar to online shooter vets.

First is Assault, which is essentially capture the flag: one team defends, the other attacks. If the “Golden Unibear Statue” (flag) is not destroyed by the time the round’s two minutes are up, the defenders win. If it is destroyed–well, you get the picture.

Next up is Golden Oozy, a slight variant on the Juggernaut game archetype. Players will compete for possession of the Golden Oozy, an extremely powerful weapon with infinite ammo. The only way to score points in this mode is via kills with said Oozy.

Third we have Cake Walk, which is a lot like Oddball. Players tussle over the Glorious Golden Cupcake (I couldn’t make this up, folks), and he or she who holds said cupcake (at the penalty of losing offensive abilities and movement speed) for the longest, wins.

And last but not least there’s Jelly Wars, which is the only mode that I could not immediately shove into a box. A team of “normal” bears (does that even apply with this game?) attempts to gather Jellies scattered throughout the level to their mixing machine in order to “create the most awesome jelly ever.” Seems simple enough, but a fourth player will be put in control of the titular Naughty Bear to ensure that it isn’t by hiding jellies, setting traps and repeatedly murdering the opposing team.

Naughty Bear hits store shelves June 29th.