No new Bungie game at E3, but probably next time, hints Activision

If anyone was biting their nails throughout E3 thinking someone would drop something about what Bungie’s up to post-Halo, they were probably disappointed. Don’t feel too bad, though. Looks like next year will be your year.

“We are super excited about the project that [Bungie] is working on, which they will start talking about once Halo: Reach is out the door,” said Activision COO Thomas Tippl. “It’s a very ambitious and phenomenal project, and in our view, matches very well with what gamers expect these days and where the industry is going.”

Unfortunately, that’s all there is to cling to for now as far as the new property is concerned.

Tippl also briefly discusses the motivation behind the ten year contract they signed with Bungie, saying it was discussed for a while and decided that a ten year investment was right for the developer’s upcoming plans.

So to cap… no word yet, but it’s supposedly phenomenal, and called for a ten-year publishing deal.