Rumor: Kojima to unveil new PS3 exclusive at TGS… maybe not

After all the talk and hubbub about Metal Gear Solid 4 possibly getting an Xbox 360 version, and with his most recent game being a PSP-exclusive, it seems that Hideo Kojima, mastermind behind the MGS series, probably has some strong ties to Sony platforms. That idea is amplified by a rumor that he’ll be revealing a new PS3 exclusive title at this year’s TGS.

The word from a “senior US publishing” figure is that Kojima wanted to let the world know about it at E3 just days ago, but that it just wasn’t up to snuff for show-the-worlding. However, a recent development on this rumor comes by way of a tweet by Kojima Productions Producer Kenichiro Imaizumi, which says the following: “I say it is just a rumour. I have no idea who made it up such a story.”

Not a straight denial, but not exactly a confirmation either. One way or another, it’s safe to say something’s brewing in that studio, and we’ll all just have to sit and wait for real details.