Analyst: PlayStation Move lacks “wow appeal”

During this year’s E3 expo, the main attractions that made most headlines were more than likely Microsoft’s Kinect and Nintendo’s next member in the DS family, the Nintendo 3DS with its goggle-free 3D tech. Both had something interesting and new to offer as far as hardware goes. But with them, in the fight for supremacy among motion controllers, was Sony with PlayStation Move. The issue with this tech however, according to Deutsche Bank analyst Jeetil Patel, is that it’s not radically different than what’s already out there.

As Patel sees it, Sony’s Move lacks that “wow” factor. It might be more precise than the Wii system, but it’s basically the same thing. “This product was already introduced at the GDC conference earlier, but basically this wand and cam system is the Nintendo Wii control for the PS3, enabling more motion-control play for the system. We think this product lacks a ‘wow appeal’ and will likely not generate strong consumer appeal with the competitive device slate.”

He continues: “The good news is pricing will start at $49.99 at launch, or roughly half of the anticipated low end cost of the Kinect, and with gaming PS3 bundles reaching up to $399.99. With the bundles already starting to emerge in fall, it is evident a console price cut is needed for the PS3 at the latest by this holiday season.”

A PS3 price cut would certainly do the trick, as already proven once when the PS3 Slim hit the market, but Sony has no plans to do so. Not in the “immediate future” at least. However, bundling the console with the Move without actually increasing the price of the entire package does seem like something they might be able to do.

Of course, this is all speculation at this point, we’ll just have to wait until later this year to find out.