Call of Duty subscription? Kotick would if he could

Activision CEO Bobby Kotick has revealed that were he given the chance to instantly make one change to his company, he’d “have Call of Duty be an online subscription service tomorrow”. Terrific stuff! Of course, this isn’t the first time the notion of a subscription based Call of Duty game has been thrown about; Kotick having already expressly stated that he’d like to find a way to monetize the series’ online success.

“When you think about what the audience’s interests are and how you could really satisfy bigger audiences with more inspired, creative opportunities,” elaborates Kotick, “I think we could create so many things, and make the game even more fun to play.”

“I think our audiences are clamouring for it,” Kotick goes on to remark. Not dissimilar to that time their audience was clamouring for multiple Guitar Hero releases a year?