Ninja Theory would be working on Heavenly Sword 2, but..

Instead of Enslaved, developer Ninja Theory could have been working on a sequel to early PS3 title Heavenly Sword. And they probably would be, studio boss Tameem Antoniades says, if Sony didn’t own the rights to the intellectual property and the tech the game was built on.

Because the studio’s survival depended on it going multi-platform, however, another project had to be chosen.

“I don’t know if Sony made any money on Heavenly Sword but we didn’t,” Antoniades has told CVG, echoing his own words from March when he revealed that the 1.5 million copies the PS3 exclusive sold was not enough to break even.

He added: “There are pros and cons, if you’re exclusive you get more attention but when you’re multi-platform, at this stage in the cycle, there’s more competition. You’ve got to weigh it against each other.”

“But we couldn’t do Heavenly Sword 2 as a multi-platform because it’s owned by Sony, the tech we developed for that game is also owned by Sony.”

But would they have? “Probably, I think we would have.”

We’re gutted.

In addition to Enslaved, due out later this year for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, Ninja Theory’s also working on a second, “secret project“.