Death spanks XBLA/PSN in July

Ready to hack and slash your way through the beasty fires of a dangerously quirky evil-infested land of knightly epicness… and occasionally solving a few puzzles on the way?

You’ll have to wait just a little bit longer as Hothead Games’ upcoming downloadable action-RPG Deathspank will release on July 13th for PlayStation Network and July 14th for Xbox LIVE Arcade, they’ve announced today, at $14.99 and 1200 Microsoft Points respectively.

Being developed under the direction of Ron Gilbert, the man behind The Secret of Monkey Island, Deathspank seeks to take players on an epic journey in search of The Artifact. In fact, it might take you and your buddy too — who you should name Sparkles by the way, because… well, the game says so — as it features a local co-op mode with magic, spells, orphans, tyrants and a whole lot of loot-collecting.