Nintendo will launch 3DS by March, not set on design

Now that E3 is over and with it the 3DS’s coming out party, the questions have turned from “What will it look like?” and “How does it work?” to “When can I get my hands on this puppy!?”

IndustryGamers has spoken with NOA head Reggie Fils-Aime the other day to try to clear up that last query. It turns out that while the 3DS is definitely launching before Nintendo’s fiscal year ends on March 31, 2011, it’s possible we haven’t seen the final build yet.

“You know typically, at an E3, our engineers are looking for feedback,” Reggie said, “You know, we have an army of Nintendo representatives out on our show floor talking to attendees, getting reactions to everything in the device: the depth slider, the buttons, the sliding pad that is, essentially, an analog-type stick. These are things that we’re looking to get reaction to, including the overall button placement. When we get all that feedback, then we’ll finalize the design.”

Although price could differ from previous DS launches because of the higher manufacturing costs, we’d be surprised if the design changed too much from what you see up top.